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    Detergent 8 Low-Foaming Ion-Free Detergent低泡沫非離子型清潔劑(alconox1701)

    Detergent 8 Low-Foaming Ion-Free Detergent低泡沫非離子型清潔劑(alconox1701)不含有磷、硫、氯、金屬陽離子、鹵化物、硼酸鹽、硅酸鹽、碳酸鹽、氯碳化合物、碳氟化合物或螯合物成分,可以用于清潔電路板,電子元件、磷酸鹽敏感性實驗室器皿,核反應堆內腔,精密工業元件和在儲運過程中的核污染設備。

    Detergent 8 Low-Foaming Ion-Free Detergent低泡沫非離子型清潔劑(alconox1701)不含有磷、硫、氯、金屬陽離子、鹵化物、硼酸鹽、硅酸鹽、碳酸鹽、氯碳化合物、碳氟化合物或螯合物成分,可以用于清潔電路板,電子元件、磷酸鹽敏感性實驗室器皿,核反應堆內腔,精密工業元件和在儲運過程中的核污染設備。








    用于清潔: 電路板,電子元件、磷酸鹽敏感性實驗室器皿,核反應堆內腔,精密工業元件和在儲運過程中的核污染設備

    用于去除: 樹脂,松香,油, 污垢,灰垢, 微粒,殘渣,熔焊劑,化學制品和溶媒

    表面清潔: 腐蝕抑制配方設計適用于玻璃, 金屬, 不銹鋼,瓷器,陶器, 塑料,橡膠和玻璃纖維,電路板。如果迅捷沖洗能用于軟金屬如銅、鋁、鋅,銀,金和鎂。建議做腐蝕實驗.

    清潔方法: 浸泡,刷洗,海綿,布, 超聲,器皿洗滌器,噴霧洗滌器,壓力洗滌器和CIP

    指導: 用手工、浸泡和超聲洗滌時,配置3-5%溶液4-6盎司/加侖.或10 ml/升)。使用溫水或熱水。溶液常為油狀、乳狀。要求佩戴保護性手套和眼罩。用于噴霧洗滌器時,將清潔劑加入每一熱水循環中,配成2%溶液(2 1/2 盎司/加侖.或20 ml/升 )。 用于難洗污跡, 可提高水溫和使用更多的洗滌劑。徹底沖洗—最好用流動水。要求嚴格的清潔、最終沖洗使用去離子水或純凈水。廣泛用于玻璃、陶器、塑料和金屬表面。建議做腐蝕測試.

    Detergent 8 Low-Foaming Ion-Free Detergent

    Detergent 8 is a nonionic, detergent for labware washers, PC board washers, power-spray systems, ultrasonic and manual cleaning. Removes oils, resins rosins, and fluxes from PC circuit boards, electronic parts, phosphate sensitive labware and nuclear contaminated equipment with no interfering conductive residues. Excellent replacement for solvent cleaning. Dilute 3:100. pH 11.

    Replace solvent cleaning

    Concentrated to save you money

    Biodegradable and readily disposable

    Penetrating wetting power to save you time

    Free rinsing to give you reliable results and no interfering residues

    Contains no phosphate, sulfur, chlorine, metal cation, halide, borate, silicate, carbonate, chlorocarbon, fluorocarbon or chelating ingredients

    Used to clean: Circuit boards, electronic parts, phosphate sensitive labware, nuclear reactor cavities, delicate industrial parts and nuclear contaminated equipment during outage. FDA certified.

    Used to remove: Resins, rosins, oils, dirt, grime, particulates, residues, fluxes, chemicals and solvents.

    Surfaces cleaned: Corrosion inhibited formulation recommended for glass, metal, stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, and circuit boards. Can be used, with prompt rinsing, on soft metals such as copper, aluminum, silver, and gold. Aluminum can darken and mixed metal galvanic reactions can occur. Corrosion testing is advisable.

    Cleaning method: Soak, brush, sponge, cloth, ultrasonic, ware washer, spray washer, pressure washer and flow through CIP (clean-in-place).

    For manual, soak and ultrasonic cleaning, make a 3-5% solution (4-6 oz. per gal. or 30-50 ml per liter) in warm or hot water. An oily, milky solution is normal. Protective gloves and eyewear are recommended. For spray machines, add detergent at the hot water wash cycle to make a 2% solution (2 1/2 oz. per gal. or 20 ml per liter). For difficult soils, raise water temperature and use more detergent. RINSE THOROUGHLY—preferably with running water. For critical cleaning, do final or all rinsing in distilled, deionized or purified water. Used on a range of glass, ceramic, plastic and metal surfaces. Corrosion testing is advisable.

    Size                                      Catalog Number

    1 gal bottle (3.8 L)                            1701-1

    Case of 4 x 1 gal (4 x 3.8 L)            1701

    5 gal jerrycan (19 L) - Air OK             1705

    15 gal drum (57 L)                             1715

    55 gal drum (208 L)                           1755



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